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Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 8 E100 Strange But True

          Does God test us? Some say He does not and others say the opposite.  But the Word of God shows that God did test Abram when he told him to put his only son on the altar.

          So much can be gleaned from what happened to Abram. First it reminds us of Father, God's sacrifice of His son on our behalf.  As a parent I know it took more than a lot to put the child that you love on the altar to die but my children are not my own, I'm not my own. We were all bought with a price. 

         There  had to be a tumult going on inside of father Abraham.  But this reminds me that God sent his son knowing he would be sacrificed and that His Son obeyed Him and prepared Himself to be the sacrifice.  Wow!  God's only son... no way for us to say that God doesn't know what we go through today because He definitely does.

                                                                          Day 8 covers Abraham trusts God no matter what.

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