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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Journey Worth the Bible Challenge

Bible in 90 days  &  Essential 100 Challenge

          I never realized what I was forsaking by not reading the scripture in its entirety and on a regular basis. Here is what I found. The Bible in 90 days is a great Bible reading curriculum that I ran across online while looking for fun ways to read the Bible. I actually came across two - the Essential 100 and the Bible in 90 days challenge. Both these programs from the start motivated me and awakened something that was dormant deep down inside of me.

          When a thing is right... I usually get that certain feeling inside. I want to call that feeling confirmation or peace. But no matter what, that's when I knew that this was definitely something Father, God wanted me to do. I can't say how surprised I was to find that I wasn't the only professing Christian that hadn't read their entire Bible. In fact recent Gallup polls show that Less than 20% of professing Christians have read the entire Bible, that more atheists have read the Bible than so-called believers. What???

          This fact helped me to understand that I was in a curious situation. How could I say I follow Christ if I had never taken the time to hear all that He has to say in his Word? Or be changed by His Word. I've read so many other books to fruition. This also answered some other questions like, why wasn't I experiencing breakthrough in some tough areas or why wasn't the Lord talking to me? I really wasn't hearing God's voice. I mean I prayed and talked to Him but somewhere I knew I wasn't on a narrow enough path to hear Him speaking to me.

          I don't know how the benefits (hearing God's voice, getting the whole story, experiencing God's power for everyday use and peace...etc.) of reading God's entire Word on a regular basis escaped me prior to this revelation but this has motivated me to read it and all of it and help others to do so as well. What about you?


pray without ceasing.
Read your Bible every day and apply it till the Bridegroom comes!

Your sister in Christ

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