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Sunday, July 25, 2010

CBM’s Discussion – Abraham’s Well Chpts. 17-20

Abraham's Well (Center Point Premier Fiction (Large Print))Title – Abraham's Well 
Author – Sharon Ewell Foster 
Total chapters 62
This review covers chapters 17-20
Dates of discussion: 7/24 – 7/30

Q. How effectively does the author portray the presence of Holy Spirit in the characters' everyday lives?
A. I think an author would have to be filled with Holy Spirit in order to be able to reflect that presence in the characters. Of course no writings can be compared to the Bible. In the context of being able to understand whether Holy Spirit is involved in any writing, the reader would have to be filled with that same spirit to confirm. As I read sections 17-20, I was reminded of when the Lord Jesus Christ advised that he would leave a comforter after he submitted Himself as sacrifice in place of us. 

Walking the trail of tears and having the reverend walking with them invoked a hope inside of me
that spoke to my own trail of tears today. I know that I cannot walk through this life without Holy Spirit taking every step with me. The Reverend Oganaya's character portrayed the essence of how the Word of God, the Spirit of the Living God walks with his sheep through easy and treacherous times.

I do believe the author was very effective in portraying the presence of Holy Spirit in the characters' everyday lives. Today everyone may not choose to embrace Holy Spirit, just as not all of these characters in the story choose to hear what He says. But He assuredly will make His presence known
to the ones who will receive. 

Q. Has the author succeed in presenting faith in a way that feels relevant and applicable?
A. God's message is always relevant and applicable. The story really makes me reflect on my life and the relationships I hold with my husband, father, mother, siblings and others. Since faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen I say yes again! I wonder if we can hear when Spirit of God is speaking versus the so-called-good we always want to experience? The author invokes the question inside of me "where is your faith Monica?"Are we believing for God to give us material things or are we believing for Him to increase that we may decrease? This includes our plans.

I see that I may not have it as hard as I think; certainly if God was with the Children of Israel and the ones that were His on the trail of tears then I know He is with me because He is faithful and cannot lie. The good thing is His grace and mercy reigns on the just as well as the unjust. What a wonderful God.

Q. How has reading this book up to this section changed or confirmed your opinion of Christianity/Religion/Relationship with God?
A. I always felt that Father, God wants more than routine sacrifices from us. He wants relationship. So far the story and its scriptural reference has confirmed this for me. God's plan is not to stop us from going through hard times. The characters had to go through a process. That may not equal a life of ease.
He is waiting for us to decide that we want to go through this process with Him at our side every step of the way, also known as, a relationship.

Lines that stood out:
Page 98-99
Spoken by Reverend Peter Oganaya
"Sheep, stay close to the shepherd…Don't get far behind. The wolves grow fat on the ones that fall behind… Sometimes men are wolves, sometimes they do not even know they are. They don't even recognize themselves."

At the closing of this section I kept thinking of the scripture: Revelation 2:10

As chapter 20 closes Johnnie Freeman the young boy Armentia thought would be her future husband takes an eternal exit. The people have reached Indian Territory after approximately 1000 miles more or less of walking. The Reverend Oganaya, after tarrying with them the whole way, makes his departure and now they begin a new life whether they want to or not. What good can come from all this. I don't know but …

Until next time,
Read the Bible
Pray without ceasing, God bless.