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Friday, July 2, 2010

CBM's Discussion - Abraham's Well Chpts. 13-16

Title - Abraham's Well
Author - Sharon Ewell Foster
Total Chapter 62
This review covers chapters 13-16
Dates of discussion: 7/2/10 thru 7/8/10

Q. What is unique about the setting of the book?  How does it enhance or take away from the story?

A. The setting is changing in chapter 13.  They have left the only home some of them have ever known in what is now North Carolina.  Are they going to walk to the new place? I remember the first few lines of chapter 1 referenced Armentia's memory of  east compared to west. Walking  this far seems unimaginable. But there really was no other way to move further inland. The author actually walks us right through the trail of tears.  Very sad so far. I was able to visualize the disparity of the whole situation in light of the treacherous traveling conditions.  The moving was the setting. It enhanced the story.  
Q. Do you  think the author was equally invested in presenting the spiritual world in the novel as  she was in developing a compelling plot and creating nuanced characters?

A. The story is written as a fictional work but the trail of tears is very real  in the Indian culture.  It had to be difficult to write a fictional story based on real events while remaining true to history.
The spiritual side of this story is an undercurrent to the events and the anguish of these characters.  It certainly  makes you think of your own anguish in life today. Just like them we ask without asking."Where are You Lord? Don't You see what we are going through?"  Spiritual isn't always marked by good times. The bottom line is God must be glorified. No matter what it looks like to us. This is all His plan.

Q. Did this part of the book make you uncomfortable?

A. These chapters made me feel more thankful than uncomfortable. It was hard to accept that any of this could really happen but of course it has. I can relate to the story. I am considered a minority in my birth country America despite the fact that my ancestors helped build this place the Indians actually founded. But even that troubling circumstance becomes small when I understand my ancestor's path of disparity as the one on which I find reconciliation with the Father through his Son.  Not saying that I would not know the Lord if I still lived in Africa but I recognize a blessing when I experience one.

Lines that stood out:
Page 86
Spoken by Armentia
"I guess when you're in terrible bad, not so bad seems pretty good." 

At the end of these chapters I kept thinking of the scripture:  Jeremiah 29:11

As chapter 16 closes Missionary Wilters cries for forgiveness, Armentia's mother is having some form of breakdown until she sees the red bird, and we are mourning the departure of Golden Bear's Father.  What in the world could happen next on the 'Trail of Tears'.

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