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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CBM's Discussion - Abraham's Well Chpts. 7-12

Author - Sharon Ewell Foster
Total Chapters - 62
Currently Reviewing Chapters 7-12 
Dates 6/21 - 6/25

Chapter 6 left off with Armentia's honey escapade...

Question - How do the characters change throughout the course of the story? What event triggers such change?

Answer - Okay, there was a lot of change in these chapters. The honey theft would have been bad for Armentia but it turns out her big brother Abraham aka The One Who Guards His Family took the blame.  It's not easy to instill that kind of caring in today's lifestyle. Maybe sometimes the less you have the more place there is for love. But the consequences of Abraham's decision were outstanding.  They changed everything and it effected everyone. 

Mama Emma ordered a whipping for him.  The first of its kind in the village.  The punishment wasn't the only remarkable thing.  Mama Emma's comments on page 53 really brought the true nature of their relationship to the forefront.  "She belongs to me. Don't forget your place! Don't forget who you are."  Eek!  Things have taken a turn for the worst in the family.

I knew something was going on with Mama Emma.  But these events made me think of slavery in relation to God. Is it right? The Bible lets me know that having servants isn't wrong.  Because the first half of Ephesians 6: 5-9 advises servants to be obedient to their masters as unto the Lord. However in light of the history of the nature of slavery in America there must be perspective.  That's why the last half of that same scripture talks to masters advising them to do good things to their servants as unto the Lord since God blesses them both.  Some people just take things too far. 

Abraham's beating brought on significant changes to the village.  Everyone is now whispering amongst themselves.  The owners are drawing lines for all of us to see.  Then Abraham disappears on a fishing expedition in a storm. Let's not forget Missionary Wilter's announcement.  They must leave their land or else. 

Lines that stood out:
Page 68
Spoken by a wise women and village elder
"When a man walks someplace we see the footprints of who he is. We can see who a man is by the way he changes the place."

Reminds me of Philippians 2:5

As chapter 12 closes the setting is changing from the familiar village to somewhere else.  We don't know.
The soldiers have surrounded their homes and are escorting them all out at gun point. The last thing they see are the flames orange and red rising behind them. Where is Abraham? And what will happen to their way of life.  Serious changes folks.

Until next week.

Happy reading! God bless.


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