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Friday, June 18, 2010

CBM'S Review - Abraham's Well Chpts. 1-6

Abraham's Well: A NovelTitle - Abraham's Well
Author - Sharon Ewell Foster
Total Chapters - 62
This review covers Chapters 1-6 of the 1-12 to be discussed from:
Dates - 6/18 (Fri.) thru 6/25 (Thur.)

Question - What was unique about the setting of the book?

Answer -  The setting is the East somewhere in today's South Carolina.  We realize Armentia has traveled from the East to the West because the book opens describing, in her words, nature in both places. I think the setting sounds beautiful.  Specifically lines like on page 13... "What I remember most often is the dancing stream waters, clean enough to see the pebbles on the bottom, and fish-darting, nibbling at rocks."  This really gave me visual.  I'd like to see that and I tried to imagine it as I read.  

Question - Do the characters seem real and believable?

Answer - So far Armentia seems to be endeared by all the other characters.  Abraham her brother loves and protects her, Mamma Emma (Grandmother figure from what I can tell)
spoils that girl even at the protests of Armentia's mom.  The fun the children had That's pretty normal to me.

Question - Christian books should point to Christ.  Was there a moment reading the chapters when you felt that prodding?

Answer - Although the missionaries came preaching Jesus they actually had other motives such as enforcing the Echota treaty between the Indians and the Immigrant Anglo Saxons. Looks like the adults and the children are concerned about the missionary's true intentions.  Sheep in wolves clothing maybe? I'm not sure. What was funny to me was the greeting the children gave Missionary Wilters on page 40 - ("Jesus, Jesus!" we waved our hands in the air, ...simply saying the words usually brought us candy or something else sweet.)  Children are the same everywhere no matter the culture.  They'll do anything for candy. 

Question - Did some part of what's been read make you feel uncomfortable.

Answer - The visit from the White man and his child slave Ephraim left a sad impression on me initially.  The boy seemed like he would never know the blessings of being free. The scars on his body were a testament to how the Bible says a master should not treat his slave.  Ephraim's life up to that point was guided by fear.  He was critically hesitant to jump in the water with the rest of the children.  But once he realized that for the moment the top was off the jar he thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated what the experience allowed.  I bet he carried that with him for the rest of his life.

As chapter 6 closes something is going on with Mamma Emma after the visit from her cousin the owner of Ephraim.  And the families are trying to keep a unified front to stand against being forced from their land. Finally, Armentia has stolen 6 jars of honey and is having a honeyfest.

This book is sure to get even more interesting as the days go by.

Happy reading. God Bless!


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