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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book called 'Prayers' very helpful

Attended my first Meet-up and it was wonderful.  I was really interested in getting together with other avid readers.  Found this great group of women - Inspirations for Women, Inc. Book Club. The founder/organizer is Ms. LaToya James (no relation) who welcomed me graciously into her private group and soon I'll have many more ladies on my prayer list and friend list. There are a plethora of groups on the site to choose from depending on your interests; visit the link above when you get a chance. As you know I enjoy doing almost anything that has something to do with books...being in a room filled with books, the smell of them, touching them oh and don't let me near a hardback book - man oh man.

I'm on cloud 9 with my books. So anyway... the group organizer presented each member with a book called 'Prayers' by Christian Word Ministries that I absolutely don't know how I've done without before this.  Prayer is so important.  There was a time when I felt my prayers were becoming redundant.  I mean, how else could I say the things that needed to be said daily without sounding like a broken record? Well that's when Holy Spirit introduced praying the scriptures.  Initially I would just repeat the prayers of David from Psalm but eventually I selected principles that came with a promise and prayed those. Of course you have to apply the principles in order to experience the promise but that goes hand in hand with increasing my faith.  It's biblical praying and this makes it easy to stay in God's will when asking things of Abba. This way also helped me to find new scriptural ways to say His name.

So if you want to improve your prayer life just start reading/digging into your Bible and use the scripture to pray. I know it's a lot of information but Holy Spirit will bring what you need back to your remembrance when it's needed.  My communication with the Lord has improved by leaps and bounds from this method.   Hebrews 4:16 kjv has taken on a whole new meaning. The book is free. It can be ordered or downloaded to your cell.  Really convenient/inexpensive for something so useful.  The inside cover indicates users can distribute freely.  You can order a bunch for your ministry as well. (Note: The book is free but be nice and send a donation since they're not asking.)

The book includes:
Daily prayers for adults and children/teens
Prayer Manual
Affirmations for adults and children/teens
I am - affirmations w/scriptural reference
Word of God concerning sin   w/scriptural reference
List of Sins
Names of God - w/scriptural reference 
and much more....

I guarantee you can use it or bless it to someone else.