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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Church that man is building

I recently participated in a discussion on Michael Baisden's  Facebook page (a 96.3fm radio talk show host).  The topic of discussion - Why do all African American churches have building funds? This isn't only going on in Black churches for sure.  Of course today's Christian society is big on the man of God establishing a new church of his own.  Not sure when it became so important to build church buildings all over the place while lost souls meander by them, beg on the streets outside of them and let's not forget those insiders who'll end up enemies of God by way of the church. (Luke 13: 25-27

I know it was a long time ago but in the Bible people of God used to fellowship/have church in their homes. Sounds a whole lot cheaper to me. They made sure there was equity among the followers of Christ (no preachers living like kings while members lived like paupers. (Acts 2: 45) It's so very easy for men/women to get the wrong focus by planning to build a literal building and miss the whole point... You are the temple/building God wants to build up in order that He can dwell.