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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Forgiveness without clearing your name

Kirk Franklin has a song called 'Imagine Me'. It melodiously waves like an anthem to my freedom from past hurt. The song says I'm free - God says it's all gone.  But the other day one of my relatives contacted me on behalf of someone else.  "Why is it that you can't find it in your heart to forgive?" The inquisitive relative had been advised and apparently come to a final conclusion that I hadn't forgiven someone else who had caused me emotional harm. The inquiry went on further. "Doesn't the Bible say we should forgive?" Two things made this accusation significant.

First thing - my relationship with God had come into question since forgiveness is the very essence of submission to Christ.  Second was the fact that prior to this assumption about me I thought I had accomplished forgiveness.   But here was someone I held in the highest esteem calling me out on my alleged ungodly behavior.   Unfortunately, my first reaction was to a dance with condemnation.  That was just a waste of time though and thank God my eyes were eventually opened to the truth about that response sooner rather than later.

Here was a real opportunity to prove God in my life. This time there would be no wallowing in self pity and no need to let doubt run loose in my mind.  I would trust God in my deliverance.  I had forgiven the person. There was no need to rummage through that stuff again.  Since I've been crucified with Christ this was not my fight.

The Word of God says  "It's not I that live but the Christ that lives.." The ultimate victory is gained through faith in His resurrection.  I believe Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father. He is my victory. There is no need to clear my name.  Like my husband says "your name was automatically cleared when you accepted     
forgiveness aka Jesus."   No longer do I need to imagine myself being free.  Through my savior I am free indeed. It's all gone ...Amen!