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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Check the 'Dollar Tree' for Christian ministry Items

Did you know the Dollar Tree sells Christian books?  Oh my goodness! I'm no longer a children's church teacher but when I was... the first place I went to get the borders for my bulletin boards, pencils, crayons and other teaching aids was the Dollar Tree. Anyway the store where absolutely everything is $1 has a Teacher's Corner and what they call an inspirational section under School and Office Supplies. They carry things like KJV Bibles, Children's Bible story character books about Noah's Ark, Moses, Joseph and others.  They even have the Bible on CD and children's Sunday school
ministry products.

Even if you don't teach children in your church that's ok.  This can still be useful if you have kids at home.  Your home is the first opportunity to minister and from there you spread Godly light out into the world.  My children love the little things they can earn for knowing a bible verse or answering a bible facts question accurately during our home study.  I am happy too because It makes the learning more like fun. It really doesn't take much to please them thank the Lord for that.

There can be slight irregularities here and there with some items in a store like this but that's not always the case and more often than not you get good value for your $1 dollar.  I know I do. Even before the economy slip I shopped at the Dollar Tree because it just made sense to me.  Some things don't need to be name brand.  If there isn't a store near you then access their website at  http://www.dollartree.com/

Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to Get Breakthrough

My mother just sent me this very inspirational video. Although it may be a little off topic it does all come together. Many of the books we read speak to getting a breakthrough in some intimate area/s in our lives. Well this video talks about those 'issues' that we spend our whole adult life trying to overcome. The title 'Grateful' really puts the focus on God. We can never get the past back but we surely can get victory through Jesus Christ and reconciliation to the Father through his son which includes peace that passes all understanding. Watch...