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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oprah's Kingdom?

About 4 or 5 years ago one of my childhood friends, Tahali Richardson, (God rest her soul) accepted a position with Harpo studios. I was so very excited for her. I mean this was Oprah Whinfrey - a house hold name for goodness sake. At a certain point in Oprah's success long before my friend worked there I began to understand about kingdoms in that there isn't just God's kingdom but there in fact are many kingdoms that exist today built by men. Of course any kingdom that isn't God's kingdom is an enemy of the first. This also includes any kingdoms that I would feebly build and or am unaware that I am building of my own.

My opinion was not shared with my friend who was really happy with what she was finally going to be able to do...and that's increase her own business from her affiliation with Harpo. All the while I kept my feelings of the need to separate from any kingdoms outside of God's to myself. Nobody wants to rain on the parade of a close friend. Maybe I didn’t want her to think I was jealous. So I kept my mouth shut. It is a good thing I did because now I understand better the bottom-line of such things. My concerns were unwarranted. The video in this post talks about Oprah's so-called church. I interpret 'church'  as a kingdom. Now I think some of the comments made by Oprah could have been taken out context by general haters but certainly the premise is firm. Oprah has a kingdom but so do all the rest of us. How can a Christian put the kingdom issue into proper perspective? Since Oprah doesn't have a patent on sin she like everyone else needs to make a decision between God's kingdom which leads to life or her own which results in death. The whole idea of relationship with God is ....Are you willing to relinquish your kingdom for His?

Oprah has made her choice. The bible tells us that there are tare and wheat. Everyone can't be the wheat.  Highlighting someone else's choice doesn't negate the fact that each individual must come to the same life and death cross roads.  So it doesn't matter what choice Oprah makes.  What matters is which kingdom YOU choose.

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