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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Words Mean a Lot - Let's Break it down


I have signed up to receive a word a day from Wordsmith. It's very helpful. They say if you can read the Bible you are a good reader.  I like to try out new words.  Not that I'm saying anything "new under the sun" but it does make for great conversation.  Normally people want to know what a word you said means.  My father Tyrone is a perfect example.  He is going back to school to get his degree.  When he read one of my articles he shared that I had taught him a new word.  The word was "cajole."  He asked me what it meant and I was glad to expound. They may not ask you outright but if they really want to know they will look it up and break it down so they can use it themselves. 

Just make sure you get the etymology on the word along with some examples.   Because the worst thing is pronouncing a new word incorrectly and not realizing or using the word inappropriately.  Wordsmith provides a pronunciation of the word in audio format as well as visual break down.  They also give great examples in sentences of the proper usage. So... have at it and learn some new ways to say what you mean today.

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